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Accelerating Success: Pre-launch Startup (Super Fast Deadlines)

The project is an innovative startup focused on providing clear and unbiased comparisons of the benefits offered by the three main Slovak health insurance companies. The primary goal is to simplify the decision-making process for users when choosing the most suitable health insurance. The startup was created in response to the need for clear and concise information about health insurance companies, which were previously scattered and often confusing across various competing websites. The project aims to provide users not only with a comparison of benefits but also with real information on how these benefits can be applied. The main campaign slogan is “Radšej si to porovnaj” reflecting the startup’s effort to assist users in the crucial decision-making process regarding their health insurance.

Zmeň poisťovňu
About client:

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Campaign Objectives

Generating Leads
Increase Brand Awareness
Promoting New Product/Service
Driving Website Traffic

The main objectives of the campaign were defined using the SMART criteria to ensure they were Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound. These objectives were designed to establish as a trustworthy health insurance comparison tool and to drive conversions, data collection, and media space for project partners. 1. Specific Objectives: • Become a reliable comparison website for health insurance with affiliated media channels. • Generate conversions including changes and new health insurance enrollments. • Collect data and preferences to build business databases. • Create media and advertising space for project partners. 2. Measurable Objectives: • Acquire new users and retain existing ones. • Increase company revenue. • Track the number of conversions. • Analyze website traffic. • Increase subscribers. • Build a database of contacts, preferences, and web engagement. • Monitor KPIs of media campaigns and reporting. 3. Achievable Objectives: • Develop a new presentation website and a pilot brand strategy for • Achieve 2000 changes of health insurance. • Collect a newsletter and call database of 1500 contacts. 4. Realistic Objectives: • Form strategic partnerships to ensure the project’s sustainability and revenue for growth. • Launch the website. • Automate online marketing tools. • Conduct an 8-week online media campaign. • Execute a 4-week Google and Meta campaign. • Run a 3-day TV spot campaign. • Reach 2.5 million real internet users. • Achieve 60,000 unique users visiting the website. • Collect a database of 1400 contacts. • Secure 1500 conversions in the form of reinsured clients. 5. Time-bound Objectives: • All objectives to be achieved by September 30, 2023

Strategy and Planning

The strategic approach for the project involved a multi-faceted plan to ensure successful implementation and achievement of the campaign objectives. The strategy was divided into several key components: 1. Target Audience Analysis: Using the STDC (See-Think-Do-Care) model, the target audience was segmented into specific groups, including mothers with young children and individuals over 50. Each segment was addressed with tailored content marketing strategies: • See Phase: Focused on raising awareness through content marketing on popular blogs and websites relevant to the target audience. • Think Phase: Provided educational content and solutions to potential users considering a change in health insurance. • Do Phase: Motivated users ready to make a change with direct calls to action and conversion-focused strategies. 2. Website Development and Identity: A dedicated team of developers and designers created a user-friendly, conversion-optimized website. The site was designed to handle high traffic and provide a seamless user experience on mobile devices, which constituted the majority of the traffic. The website architecture included clear call-to-action buttons leading to online applications for health insurance changes. 3. Media Plan: A comprehensive media plan was developed to ensure a constant flow of visitors to the website. This included: • Cross-media campaigns combining online and offline channels. • Display advertising, PR, and link-building strategies. • Social media engagement and content creation. • Google Ads and Meta campaigns tailored to reach the target audience effectively. 4. Data Collection and Automation: The strategy emphasized the collection and utilization of user data. This included: • Implementing Google Analytics and additional analytical tools like Hotjar for user behavior analysis. • Setting up cookies, advertising pixels, and Google Tags for tracking and remarketing purposes. • Using Mailchimp for data collection from forms and automating email responses with voucher codes. 5. Creative Content and Legal Compliance: • Development of creative advertising materials, including banners and a TV spot. • Ensuring compliance with legal requirements such as GDPR, data protection, and the transfer of data between the USA and the EU. 6. Partnerships and Investments: Establishing strong partnerships and securing investments were crucial for the project’s sustainability and growth. The collaboration with RICHWORKS media & digital played a central role in coordinating efforts and leveraging additional support from auxiliary firms. 7. Campaign Execution: The strategic execution included a series of campaigns: • An 8-week online media campaign. • A 4-week Google and Meta campaign. • A 3-day TV spot campaign aimed at reaching 2.5 million real internet users. • Achieving a target of 73,000 unique website visitors and collecting a database of 4000 contacts. The strategy and planning were integral to achieving the defined campaign objectives and ensuring the successful launch and operation of the platform.

Execution and Tactics

The execution of the campaign was meticulously planned and executed through a series of strategic steps, ensuring alignment with the defined objectives and leveraging various marketing tactics to achieve optimal results. The key components of the execution strategy included: 1. Website Development: • The website was built on the Webflow platform to ensure flexibility and responsiveness, particularly for mobile users, which constituted the majority of traffic. • Key elements included clear call-to-action (CTA) buttons leading to online applications for health insurance changes, and a sticky navigation that kept important elements in view as users scrolled. 2. Media Planning and Buying: • A comprehensive media plan was implemented, incorporating both online and offline channels. This included display advertising, PR, link-building, and social media engagement. • Specific campaigns were launched on Google Ads and Meta platforms, with detailed tracking through UTM parameters and event tracking. 3. Data Collection and Analysis: • Tools such as Google Analytics, Hotjar, and were utilized to monitor and analyze user behavior. • Data collection efforts included setting up cookies, advertising pixels, and Google Tags, as well as using Mailchimp for managing data from forms and automating email responses. 4. Creative Content: • The campaign included the development of various creative assets such as banners and a TV spot. • A 3-day TV campaign aimed at reaching 2.5 million internet users was executed alongside an 8-week online media campaign and a 4-week Google and Meta campaign. 5. Legal Compliance: • Ensured compliance with GDPR and other relevant data protection laws. • Developed legal documentation for data collection, storage, and transfer between the USA and the EU. 6. Campaign Execution: • A detailed execution plan was followed, including the testing of forms and CTA elements on the website. • The campaign achieved significant engagement, including 73,000 unique visitors to the website and the collection of 4000 contacts in the database. • Automated online marketing tools were used to streamline processes and improve efficiency. 7. Performance Tracking: • Performance was continuously monitored, and adjustments were made based on real-time data. This included analyzing heatmaps to understand user interactions and optimizing the website for better conversion rates. • The use of UTM parameters allowed for precise tracking of the effectiveness of various media placements and creative variations. By implementing these tactics, the campaign effectively reached its target audience and drove significant traffic and conversions, positioning the platform as a leading tool for health insurance comparison in Slovakia.

Measurement and Analytics

Planned V Delivered Reach

Planned V Delivered Impressions

139860 (clicks)
Engagement Metrics

Unique Users: 73000

Website Traffic


Bounce Rate


Time on Page

2 minutes 30 seconds

Average Time in Articles

5 minutes 45 seconds

Results and Impact

The project successfully met its key objectives and delivered significant results during the campaign period from August 7 to September 30, 2023. The impact of the campaign was measured across several metrics, highlighting the effectiveness and reach of the marketing efforts. 1. Website Traffic and Engagement: • The website attracted 73,000 unique users. • The bounce rate was maintained at 56.3%, with an average time on page of 2 minutes and 30 seconds. • Users spent an average of 5 minute and 45 seconds on articles. 2. Reach and Impressions: • The planned reach of 2,500,000 was fully achieved. • Delivered impressions reached 4,500,000, demonstrating strong visibility and engagement with the target audience. 3. Click-through Rate (CTR) and Cost per Click (CPC): • The campaign achieved a CTR of 2.59%, translating to 139,860 clicks at a cost per click of 0.18 €. 4. Return on Investment (ROI): • The campaign delivered an ROI of 54,6%, generating substantial returns on the initial investment. 5. Overall Impact: • The strategic and targeted approach of the campaign ensured that the platform was positioned as a leading tool for health insurance comparison in Slovakia. • The campaign not only met but exceeded expectations, creating a solid foundation for future growth and user engagement. The results clearly indicate the success of the campaign in reaching and engaging the target audience, driving traffic to the website, and achieving the defined objectives.

Creative Samples

The campaign utilized a variety of creative assets to engage the target audience and effectively communicate the campaign’s objectives. Here are some key creative samples used during the campaign:

1. Display Banners:

• Multiple versions of display banners were designed and placed in strategic positions across various websites. These banners included clear call-to-action (CTA) buttons to drive traffic to the landing page.

• Analytics events were created to track the performance of each banner, including impressions and clicks.

2. Social Media Content:

• The campaign featured a well-coordinated social media presence on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. The Instagram grid was designed in a 3x3 format to create a cohesive visual experience.

• Facebook posts included promotional videos, PR articles, and user testimonials to build trust and encourage engagement.

3. PR Articles:

• Several PR articles were published on high-traffic websites to increase awareness and credibility. These articles highlighted the benefits of using and included testimonials from satisfied users.

4. TV Spot:

• A professionally produced TV spot was aired over a three-day period, reaching a large audience. The TV spot emphasized the ease of comparing health insurance options and encouraged viewers to visit the website.

5. Google and Meta Ads:

• Targeted ads were created for Google and Meta platforms, featuring tailored messaging and visuals to attract different segments of the target audience. These ads were optimized for performance through continuous monitoring and adjustments.

6. Email Marketing:

• A series of email campaigns were executed using Mailchimp, targeting the collected database of contacts. These emails included personalized offers, reminders to complete their health insurance comparison, and additional educational content.

7. Website Visuals:

• The website design included user-friendly elements such as sticky navigation and mobile optimization to ensure a seamless experience. Key sections like the detailed comparison table and the health form landing page were visually optimized for clarity and engagement.

These creative samples played a crucial role in driving traffic, increasing engagement, and achieving the campaign’s objectives.


The campaign showcased the remarkable impact of strategic digital marketing and careful execution. From the outset, the project aimed to create a reliable health insurance comparison tool that would draw significant user interest and engagement. The campaign’s strategy effectively captured the target audience’s attention through diverse media channels, driving substantial traffic to the website. Visitors found the site engaging and informative, spending quality time exploring the content. Through a mix of creative assets like display banners, social media posts, PR articles, and a TV spot, the campaign maintained high visibility and resonance with its audience. The consistent performance tracking and data analysis allowed for real-time optimization, ensuring the campaign stayed on course and achieved its goals. Overall, not only met but exceeded expectations, setting a strong precedent for future initiatives. The collaboration with RICHWORKS media & digital, supported by auxiliary firms, played a pivotal role in this success, firmly establishing the platform as a premier health insurance comparison tool in Slovakia.

Goal 1: Increase User Engagement
The primary goal was to increase user engagement on the platform. This was achieved by creating a user-friendly and informative website that provided clear comparisons of health insurance benefits. The website’s design focused on simplicity and ease of navigation, ensuring that users could quickly find the information they needed. Engaging content, such as articles and interactive elements, encouraged users to spend more time on the site and explore various sections.
Goal 2: Drive Traffic to the Website
Another key goal was to drive significant traffic to the website. This was accomplished through a comprehensive media plan that included both online and offline channels. Display advertising, social media campaigns, PR articles, and a TV spot were all utilized to reach a wide audience. The strategic use of Google Ads and Meta platforms ensured that the ads were targeted effectively, maximizing visibility and click-through rates. Continuous monitoring and optimization of the campaigns helped maintain a steady flow of visitors to the site.
Goal 3: Achieve High Conversion Rates
The third goal focused on achieving high conversion rates by encouraging visitors to complete the health insurance comparison process and make informed decisions. The website featured clear call-to-action buttons and a seamless application process to facilitate conversions. Personalized email campaigns and follow-ups further nudged users towards completing their applications. By providing valuable information and a straightforward user experience, successfully converted a significant portion of its visitors into active users who changed or considered changing their health insurance providers.