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Verified reviews

These testimonials are a testament to our commitment to excellence and the trust our clients place in us.

5.0 rating logo

"RICHWORKS takes a detailed and inventive approach to campaign management, making sure each campaign matches the brand's voice. Their creative ideas and proactive communication have helped us handle the challenges of digital marketing. I recommend RICHWORKS to any company aiming to boost their media presence."

Filip Mosnár
Head of Sales at StartitUP

"Their approach to work was not only professional but also innovative, which improved our visibility in the market. The web & design team perfectly understood our vision and transformed it into a website that not only stands out in design but is also extremely user-friendly. The site and media has enhanced our presence by far."

Veronika Plichtová
CEO at MOVE HOMES real estate

"What stands out most is their hands-on engagement and commitment to results. They are true partners in our venture's journey. Their ability to adapt strategies in real-time has been pivotal. I confidently recommend to any startup looking to make a substantial impact."

Miloš Lukačka
Director at Praegon Capital

"Our campaigns brilliantly leveraged digital tools to offer interactive and engaging experiences for users, which is critical in today's digital-first environment. The use of real-time interactive features not only heightened user engagement but also played a significant role in lead conversion"

Martin Honko
Head of Sales & Business Development at REFRESHER

"The combination of a custom landing page for the campaign and the most effective ads and content delivers exactly what we are looking for. We consistently receive more than initially agreed upon."

Leoš Mrázek
Online display and video specialist in Heureka Group

"Working with Richard and the beyond imagination team 🚀 in the media industry is a true pleasure! Their expertise, passion, and seamless collaboration have made our media projects a huge success. #Mediaindustry #Collaboration

Ján Šácha

"Producing localized ads for Slovakia, Czech, Poland and Hungary markets with RICHWORKS is a fantastic journey. Their knowledge and attention to cultural detail has made our campaigns truly impactful. #LocalizedAds #CulturalExpertise"

Roman Šebo
Chief Digital Officer at Dentsu Slovakia